Width mm Capacity lt Weight kg Maximum capacity ton mm mm mm mm t t Blade mm Thickness mm t t l/h bar l/h bar
VCL 240R


410 2540 515 505 18 22 150-200 345 20 110
VCL 320R


480 2770 563 725 26 30 200-300 345 20 120

* Weights without bracket
Force calculated at 75% of the maximum force
Products and features may vary withouth previous notice



  • cutting tanks, plate sheets and  recycling external frame of ships.


  • The whole structure is built with the best steels available on the market: Hardox ® 450/500 and Strenx ® 700 to minimize consumption and maintenance frequencies, so as to contain the costs. 
  • Strengthened and overturned cylinder with longer stroke and with integrated powerspeed valve to grant a quick job course, and protect the stem from wear (system fully designed by Verco srl). 
  • 360° hydraulic rotation equipped with geared motor, pressure control and anti-cavitation valves, in order to allow a fast positioning of the shear. 
  • reinforced structure closed on the upper part to protect the cylinder and avoid distortions due to the lateral cutting of the shear. 


Mobile jaws  

  • Cut on two sides contemporary simultaneously. 
  • Cutting blades: ensure long-lasting and performant cutting edge, 4 time turning reversible.